World Water Day Infographics

Yesterday was World Water Day! This year’s theme, “Water & Energy”, was meant to shed light on the interdependence that links these two issues (and the mutual relationship they also have with food security, biodiversity and so on). Learn more on the observance’s official website ( and take a look at these poignant infographics by the WorldContinue reading “World Water Day Infographics”

Celebrate #IFDay 2014!

Today is the second International Day of Forests and the Tree. Exactly one year ago I wrote this to celebrate forests and their role for sustainable development:  You may also like to take a look at the page set up by FAO or read the message of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

Intervista a Daniel Pauly (parte I)

Il Professor Daniel Pauly è un biologo marino di fama mondiale, conosciuto e apprezzato per il suo lavoro di ricerca sulle riserve ittiche, teso in particolare ad esaminare l’impatto delle attività umane sulle stesse. E’ direttore del Sea Around Us Project presso la University of British Columbia, ha lanciato negli alcuni programmi importantissimi per la conservazione eContinue reading “Intervista a Daniel Pauly (parte I)”