cv & publications

Dario Piselli

Geneva, Switzerland | London, United Kingdom | Siena, Italy


2018 – ongoing | Research assistant
Centre for International Environmental Studies, the Graduate Institute

2017 – ongoing | Programme Manager
Jean Monnet Module on EU Law and Sustainable Development

2016 – 2018 | Research officer
Global Health Centre, the Graduate Institute

2015 – ongoing | Contributing writer
Sense & Sustainability

2014 – ongoing | Project leader, Solutions Initiatives
Sustainable Development Solutions Network – Youth

2014 – ongoing | Member to the Advisory Board

2012-2015 | Project Member
SDSN Mediterranean

2012-2015 | Founder and President
Greening USiena


2016-2020 | PhD International Law
Graduate Institute of Geneva

2015-2016 | MSc Environment and Development
London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

2009-2015 | Juris Doctor
University of Siena

Research and Publications

2019, forthcoming | Pavoni, R., and Piselli, D. (2019). EU Biodiversity Law and Its Impacts on Health. In  Negri, S. (ed.) Environmental Health in International and EU Law. Torino: Giappichelli.

2019, forthcoming | Held, D., Kickbusch, I., Piselli, D., McNally, K., and Told, M. (2019). Gridlock, Innovation and Resilience in Global Health Governance. Global Policy Journal.

2019, forthcoming | Piselli, D., Loni, S., Colyard, K., and Nordquist, S. (2019). The Role of Youth in Achieving the SDGs: Supporting Youth-led Innovation for Sustainable Food Systems. In Valentini, R., Sievenpiper, J.L., Antonelli, M., and Dembska, K. (eds.) Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals Through Sustainable Food Systems. Cham: Springer.

2018 | Piselli, D. (2018, 29 December). Goal-setting in an era of mass extinction: a planetary boundary for biosphere integrity in international biodiversity law? European Journal of International Law: Talk! Weblog. Available from: [accessed 29 December 2018].

2017 | Piselli, D., and Pavoni, R. (2017). Review of Governing Through Goals: Sustainable Development Goals as Governance Innovation, edited by Norichika Kanie and Frank Biermann. Transnational Environmental Law, 6(3), pp.551-554

2017 | Kempner, J., Maingot, D., Nielsen, N., Piselli, D., and Rajagopalan, S. (2017). Supporting Youth-Led Innovation to Achieve the SDGs (SDSN Youth Solutions Report Policy Brief No.1). Available from: [accessed 17 July 2017].

2017 | Elkahwagy, R., Gyanchandani, V., and Piselli D. (2017). UNFCCC Nationally Determined Contributions: Climate Change and Trade (CTEI Working Paper 2017-02). Available from: %5Baccessed 17 July 2017]. 

2017 | Pavoni, R., and Piselli D. (2017). Access to Genetic Resources and Benefit-Sharing. In Morgera, E. and Razzaque, J. (eds.) Encyclopedia of Environmental Law: Biodiversity and Nature Protection Law. Cheltenham, Northampton: Edward Elgar.

2016 | Pavoni, R., and Piselli, D. (2016). The Sustainable Development Goals and International Environmental Law: Normative Value and Challenges for Implementation. Veredas do Direito, 13(26), pp. 13-60.

2016 | Piselli, D. (2016) Making Data Work for Youth: Ideas to Harness the SDG Data Revolution to Empower Young People. UNMGCY Youth Science Policy Interface Publication, Pilot Edition, pp.57-63. Available from: [accessed 7 February 2017].

2014 | Piselli, D. (2014). The Whaling in the Antarctic case: a landmark judgment and its potential implications. Coelacanth. Available from: [accessed 23 September 2016].

Awards, honors and titles

2017 | Featured in the 2018 Lavazza Calendar as one of 17 sustainability ambassadors whose work is contributing to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals

2017-2020 | Co-Recipient of Erasmus+ Grant for Jean Monnet Modules: “European Union Law and Sustainable Development”

2015 | ‘Cultore della Materia’ in Public International Law and EU Law at the University of Siena.