Here you can find a selected list of my web articles and blog posts. For my publications, see the cv section of this website.


31 March | La risposta svedese al COVID-19 e quel cupio dissolvi che nasce dall’epidemia (on


26 September | Youth Solutions Report 2019 Showcases 50 Initiatives For The SDGs (for SDSN Youth)


29 December | Goal-setting in an era of mass extinction: a planetary boundary for biosphere integrity in international biodiversity law? – Part I (for EJIL: Talk!)

29 December | Goal-setting in an era of mass extinction: a planetary boundary for biosphere integrity in international biodiversity law – Part II (for EJIL: Talk!)

28 June | ‘Cultivating the Next Generation of Food Leaders: an Interview with Dario Piselli‘. Interview conducted by Brian Frederick for the volume Nourished Planet: Sustainability in the Global Food System (edited by Danielle Nierenberg, Island Press 2018).


19 October | Tackling the environmental determinants of health: how can global health governance contribute? (for Sense and Sustainability) – Salute e determinanti ambientali: il ruolo della governance della salute globale (for ASviS)

12 June | (Em)powering off-grid communities with Solar Lights (for, with Dominique Maingot)

6 June | Conoscenze dei giovani, innovazione e sviluppo sostenibile: un’opportunità da non lasciarsi sfuggire (for, with Dominique Maingot) – Youth skills, innovation and sustainable development: an opportunity not to be missed (for SDSN Youth, with Dominique Maingot)

23 February 2017 | Mobilizing the world’s youth through the SDGs (for Graduate Institute of Geneva)

29 January 2017 | Supporting youth innovation to achieve the SDGs: SDSN Youth launches the Youth Solutions Report (for SDSN Youth)


14 December | Can Agenda 2030 change the norm? (for Dag Hammarskjold Foundation)

21 November | The Paris Agreement as a public health treaty? Advancing the links between health and climate change at COP22 (for Global Health Centre)

1 November | Addressing antimicrobial resistance through intersectoral cooperation – Insights from the WIPO, WHO, WTO Joint Technical Symposium (for Global Health Centre)

21 September | Hot to make the global health governance system fit for the 21st century? (for Global Health Centre)

1 May | Launching the SDG Youth Action Mapper (for SDSN Youth, with Angga Dwi Martha)

16 June | The SDGs can transform our universities, if we accept the challenge (for SDSN Youth)

8 April | The Sustainable Development Goals and International Law (for Sense and Sustainability)


10 December | Linking climate change and habitat conservation at COP21: towards an effective REDD+ instrument? (for SDSN Youth)

9 December | Accounting for Ecosystem Services to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (for Sense and Sustainability)

16 November | Assessing the value of biological diversity: direct benefits (for SDSN Youth)

26 October | What is the value of protecting biological diversity? (for SDSN Youth)


28 March 2014 | Comments on Goal 9 of the SDSN Draft Report on Indicators for the SDGs (for Greening USiena)

13 September 2013 | Riformare i sussidi europei alla pesca (for

14 April 2013 | A look at CITES’ procedures and effectivity (for

10 April 2013 | Europe’s environmental woes? Look in the mirror (for