New comment for the EIEL website on logging in the Białowieża forest

The Polish government has recently announced the release of an update to its management plan for the Białowieża forest, authorising new logging operations for the first time since 2016. I have shared some reflections on the plan, its relationship with a landmark ruling of the Court of Justice of the EU, and the recent letter of notice addressed to Poland by the European Commission on the blog of the Jean Monnet Module in European and International Environmental Law (EIEL).

New book chapter: EU biodiversity law and its health impacts

In recent years, and with growing intensity since the adoption of the Paris Agreement, the concept of environmental health has emerged as a fundamental prism through which to analyse the complex interplay between global health and environmental law. Environmental risks, ranging from soil, water and air pollution to waste management and land use change, are nowContinue reading “New book chapter: EU biodiversity law and its health impacts”