New position at the European Environment Agency

I am pleased to announce that, starting in February 2022, I will have the humbling and exciting opportunity to serve the European Union as an ‘Expert in Environment, Human Health and Well-being‘ at the European Environment Agency (EEA) in Copenhagen, Denmark. At the EEA, I will be mainly following dossiers relating to the interface between human health, food systems and biodiversity, while also contributing to the Agency’s broader work on Zero Pollution and environmental health.

I do encourage you to learn more about the invaluable work that the EEA does in providing sound, independent information about the state of the European environment and supporting policy development, implementation and monitoring in the EU:

I will still occasionally post updates on this website. For the time being, however, all my opinions, articles and research papers must be understood as published in a personal capacity and not necessarily representing the views and activities of the EEA. Moreover, all my consulting activities, which I conducted through Dario Piselli Sustainability Consulting, are currently suspended.

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