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Through Dario Piselli Sustainability Consulting, I offer a range of cutting-edge consulting and advisory services in the areas of international environmental law and policy, global health governance, and corporate sustainability.

As a professional with several years of experience at the interface of policy research and stakeholder engagement, my work combines in-depth thematic knowledge with extensive project management and analytical skills. In providing my consulting services, I particularly focus on the following topics: analysis of international and European normative frameworks in the areas of biodiversity, ecosystem services, climate change and global health; integration of natural capital into decision-making for UN agencies, national governments, NGOs and private companies; ESG analysis and environmental impact/risk assessment; corporate sustainability strategy and reporting; guidance on organisational and business alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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Dario Piselli Sustainability Consulting is registered as a sole proprietorship (entreprise individuelle) in the Registre du Commerce of the Canton of Geneva, Switzerland.

Technical and policy guidance

I support organisations seeking to obtain tailored advice in the areas of biodiversity and ecosystem services, international environmental law and policy, and ESG criteria. I provide technical briefings, policy analyses and strategic guidance that can help stakeholders navigate key sustainable development challenges.

Sustainability strategy and reporting

I offer support to companies seeking to develop their corporate sustainability strategy in a way that maximises impact while taking advantage of key business opportunities. In particular, I help them align their vision, goals and reporting with natural capital approaches and key instruments such as GRI standards and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Research and analysis

I provide targeted research, analysis and written inputs to support the delivery of cutting-edge reports and other major knowledge products on key sustainability and governance themes.

Project planning and evaluation

I help organisations design, manage and evaluate the legal and policy aspects of their sustainable development projects, with an emphasis on nature-based solutions, biodiversity planning, ecosystem restoration and sustainable livelihoods creation.

Risk and compliance

I help companies conduct sustainability risk assessments, implement due diligence processes, and meet their regulatory requirements under international and domestic legal frameworks in the fields of health and environment.

Sustainability partnerships

I support organisations in the development of sustainability-oriented partnership initiatives, from conceptualisation and goal-setting to ongoing monitoring and evaluation. In addition, I help them design effective strategies for the engagement of stakeholders such as epistemic communities, civil society organisations, and youth groups.

Some of the projects I have worked with:

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